Wycliffe Kidz and Youth on Sunday

We are currently

providing online

resourses for

children & youth

to get involved

with the

Sunday service.

Under 8s

Bringing some fun and entertainment for the children before the 10.45am livestream service.

This week we will be back on Zoom for our Sunday Fun and Worship session at 10am Sunday morning. This 30 minute session for young children will be full of fun and games, singing, stories and prayer

Sunday Fun Worship Kidz Video

Every other week we will premier our Sunday Fun and Worship video at 10am before the Sunday livestream. Tune in to a 20-30 minute video for young children, full of fun and games, singing, stories and prayer.

Follow this link to the Fun and Worship playlist.

Catch up on the latest Sunday Fun Worship Video

There’s Always Hope – 21st February 2021

Family Worship Ideas Magazine

Each week we publish a family worship ideas magazine, packed with craft suggestions, activities and lots to help you engage with the theme of the Sunday service.

Download the magazine each week.

Sparklers on Zoom

We alternate each week, so when we are not showing a Sunday fun and worship video, we invite Sparklers to meet on Zoom.

This gives our young children 30-minutes full of fun and games, singing, stories and prayer, every other Sunday at 10am before the livestream service.

For zoom connection details please contact alison@wycliffe-church.org.uk

School Years 4 to 6

For school years 4 to 6, join our Victories group and receive weekly resources sent direct to your email.

School Years 7 to 9

For school year 7 to 9 join our Dynamos group and receive weekly resources sent direct to your email.


For the high school seniors, contact us today and find out more about our Cell Groups.

More from the Children, Youth and Family Team

See how we have been worshipping during lockdown. Visit our YouTube channels

Wycliffe Families YouTube Channel and Wycliffe Youth YouTube Channel

Join a Youth Group

If you would like to join Victories, Dynamos , you are interested in joining a Cell group or would like to know more about what we do, you can send us a message via our contacts page or register with us today.

Alternatively get in touch directly with a member of the Children’s Youth and Families Team.