We are inviting you to share your testimony of how God’s will, God’s way has been working in your life.
This is to help make the series’ study of Luke’s gospel come alive.

We are currently looking at Luke’s gospel and throughout the series of talks we would love you to help make this series come alive with many of your own stories.

The theme through the series is ‘God’s Will, God’s Way’,
and that prompts the question to all of us:

How have you seen God’s Will,
God’s Way working out in your life? 

Where and how have you seen and known God working?

Not just around our coming to faith in Jesus but at other times.  Maybe years ago, or just yesterday; maybe a dramatic encounter or change but maybe a quiet little nudge.

Please help us tell our own stories of Jesus’ resurrection power at work in our midst. No offering too small.

You could do this through a short video (no more than 2 minutes) or in writing.

To make it easy for you to send us a written story, a text area has been provided below.

The Church office awaits testimonies from as many of you as possible throughout the series.

Your story matters!