You are invited to Living Out on Saturday 12th November, 9:30-13:00 at Wycliffe. 

Book your ticket here. Cost: £10 if salaried and £5 if not salaried.

Here at Wycliffe we are committed to being loving and inclusive to people who experience same-sex attraction whilst remaining faithful to Scripture. This seminar will give an overview of the Bible on sexuality. It will look at why the Christian message on sex is good news for everyone in our culture today. It will help us think through how to be a biblically inclusive church. The Living Out team will engage with our culture, share from the Bible, tell their stories, apply it to church life and answer questions. This is an issue that is dividing the local and global church. Please make an effort to come!

Living Out is a specialised organisation that helps people, churches and society talk about being Christian and gay. Have a look at their website.

Could you help on the day? We especially need volunteers to help with welcoming, serving refreshments and baking cakes! Please sign up here.

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