Light Trail Event – 31st October

You are invited to Wycliffe for our Light Trail Event

On Sunday 31st October.

Book your groups’ start time here

Any questions?


Times are set at 20-minute intervals between 5pm and 7.20pm.

Donations are gratefully received towards to the cost of the event.

Volunteers are required to host the Trail stops.

Contact Jane if you would like to get involved.

About this event...

Places need to be booked, either by using the booking link or speaking to someone in the office.
There are 8 start times to choose from:

5.00-5.20pm; 5.20-5.40pm; 5.40 – 6.00pm; 6.00 – 6.20pm; 6.20-6.40pm; 6.40-7.00pm; 7.00- 7.20pm; 7.20- 8pm.

The whole experience could last 90 minutes.
We will be collecting donations at the gate to cover the cost of the event (around £3 a child).
Children need to be accompannied by a responsible adult.

Activities are experienced in a set order and you will be guided to the next experience at approximately

20 minute intervals. Please follow the directions of the team and treat everyone with respect.

We hope the evening is a happy time for everyone.