‘Discipleship in the desert’

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Exodus 19:1-8

Exodus 20:1-21

Exodus 23:20-33

Exodus 24

Exodus Chapters 19-33

Exodus gives us the ongoing story of God fulfilling the promises he gave to Abraham (Gen 12:1-3, 15:13, Gen 17). The people have a long history. They are chosen and rescued before the law is given. We therefore get a glimpse of what it is to live as God’s treasured possession, following God whilst waiting for promises to be fulfilled.  

We will see lessons for our own discipleship as those chosen and rescued in Christ. A people who obeys, not to earn our salvation but as an expression of who are. As we delve into some chapters in the latter half of the book it will help us if we look at the events through different lens:   

  • Biblical – taking the book as a whole as well as particular chapter/verses. 
  • Historical – what is the culture of the time.  
  • Theological – God is the hero and the people encounter him. 
  • Christological – understanding and interpreting the events in relationship to Christ. 
  • Practical – the apostle Paul uses it for the spiritual benefit of Corinthians therefore our expectation should be that book will connect with our daily life.   

There will be some wonderful themes within the book: Judgement, Liberation, Rescue, Salvation, Sacrifice, God’s presence & revelation, Worship, Service, Mission, Providence, Covenant, Commandments.   

The Bible Project has a two-part introductory video using the themes of God’s covenant promises & blessing

Book of Exodus Summary | Watch an Overview Video (Part 1) ( 

Book of Exodus Summary | Watch an Overview Video (Part 2) ( 

  • Exodus from Egypt (1-18) 
  • Covenant at Mt. Sinai (19-40) 
  • God’s covenant with Israel (19-24) 
  • Tabernacle & Blueprint (25-31) 
  • Israel breaks the covenant (32-34) 
  • Moses builds the tabernacle (35-40) 

Our Core Values: Foundations for who we are at Wycliffe

Our purpose here isn’t to describe the many values which should describe all Christians and churches, but to highlight the things that are core to the personality of Wycliffe. Imagine describing Wycliffe to a friend over coffee or drawing a picture that captures the heart of Wycliffe. These values are the things that describe our culture and we want them to be visible in all that we do. They go deep because they express our particular calling from God as a community of his people in East Reading.

Our Core Values Brochure

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The Core Values notes for Bible group study leaders are as follows:

Our Core Values Part One

Our Core Values Part Two

Our Core Values Part Three

Our Core Values Part Four

Our Core Values Part Five