Lent commenced on 17th February and runs for 40 days. As part of journeying Lent together we are inviting anyone in our Church family, any age to submit a video, no longer than 2 minutes with something you want to share with us.

This could be a Bible verse, some aid to praying, a Bible reading you find helpful, your testimony or talking through some Lent relevant artwork or poetry.

We are sharing a video a day with everyone throughout Lent.

Follow this link to watch the videos


Dear Wycliffe family,

Lent is a time where Christians actively prepare for Easter and during Lent 2021 we would like to help one another, young and old, by sharing words of teaching, encouragement and testimony as we head towards Easter together.

Age is not important – we want to hear from our children, youth, seniors – everyone!

What would we like?
A short video or spoken recording – no longer than 2 – 2.5 minutes, and can be as short as you like, – on any subject you would like to share with others with during Lent.

You can do a video or an audio recording. If you do an audio recording please send us a photo so we can let everyone see who is talking.

We will produce these as part of our Learning Through Lent video series and are currenty releasing one every day throughout Lent to the Church family. We are showing them on our social media platforms and on our Seasonal Events page.

Send your videos to: joe@wycliffe-church.org.uk
Any questions? stewart@wycliffe-church.org.uk

Some ideas to help you think of something you may like to share on:
• What helps you or your family read and reflect on God’s Word?
• How are you or your family approaching Lent this year? Do you have anything to say about Lent or Easter?
• Do you have piece of Lent-relevant artwork that you want to show and talk through?
• What tools do you use day to day to help you in your Christian walk?
• Could you share how you came to know and love Jesus?
• What have the ups and downs of life been since you became a Christian and how has God walked beside you in them?
• Is there a particular verse or passage that is significant to you and why?
• What helps you listen for the leading of the Holy Spirit?
• When has God challenged you to pray for something and what was the outcome?
• Was there a particular time you fasted that you remember clearly? What was it about and how did God speak to you as a result?
• Was there a time you were very conscious of your sin and need for confession? What did you do and how did you know God had forgiven you?
• How has God challenged you in your regular or one off giving? Is there a particular story you would like to share with others?

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