I’m New

A warm welcome

Welcome to our website. We’re really pleased you’ve come to see what we’ve got going on and we hope you find something that suits you here.

We have many things happening at the church, from various Sunday services, to midweek groups for all ages. Below is some information that should help you get a better idea of what’s on and what’s for you.

Getting to the church

You can find the church on the crossroads at Cemetery Junction. If you’re driving to the church, we have a car park at the back of the church (accessed via Rupert Street and Norwood Road). On a Sunday morning the car park gets rather full, so you can also park in the Cemetery car park across the road. We’re also on the number 17 bus route.

Accessible church

We aim to make our church as accessible as possible. If you need assistance, want to know about Blue Badge parking or hearing aid loops, check our our accessible church section under Sundays, or download the Accessible Church leaflet here.

What to expect

We’re a large and diverse group of people, coming together to discover more about Jesus. Each of our Sunday services is fairly relaxed, we don’t have a dress code, and you can sit wherever you want. You may want to look at our different services (under the Sundays section) to see if there’s a style or service you already have in mind. Regardless of style, we hold scripture central to our teaching and we aim to make the message of Christ accessible to all.

What about kids?

We have a large provision for children’s &  youth work at Wycliffe. There are a number of groups that run during the 1030 Sunday in the Warehouse and 1045 Kings Room services. Children generally start in the services with their parents, then leave to go to their groups after a period of all-age worship. For more information, check out our Kidz or Youth sections under Get Involved, or pick up a weekly diary when you arrive (the kidz info is always on the front page). We sometimes have all-age services and the youth occasionally lead the evening service.

In the week

As well as our Sunday services, we have many groups happening in the week. You can find more information about these groups under the Get Involved section. If you’re not sure where to start, or which group to try, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help you find your feet.

Diving into faith (baptism)

We’re all in different places with our faith, some just starting to explore what Christianity means while others are delving deeper into their faith having been a Christian for many years. We believe that Jesus is Lord in our lives, that we can depend on his Word and that together we are his church. We believe that when we make the choice to follow Jesus, we should follow his example and be baptised, as a symbol of our choice to follow Him. If you’d like to find out more about what baptism means, speak to one of our leaders – they’ll be happy to talk about it.

Be a part of it (membership)

We hope you find yourself at home with us. We have a large number of regular attenders, and when people make Wycliffe their home church we encourage them to join us in membership, where we can all take a more active part in being a church body. To find out more information on being a member please speak to one of the leaders on a Sunday.

Any other questions?

Hopefully this gives you a good starting point, but if you have any more questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch, or simply walk on in and speak to one of the welcome team. We hope to see you soon.