Easter at Wycliffe


Lent is a time where Christians actively prepare for Easter and during Lent 2021 we would like to help one another, young and old, by sharing words of teaching, encouragement and testimony as we head towards Easter together.

As part of journeying Lent together we have been inviting our Church family to share a video with us, of something encouraging and inspiring.

Learning Through Lent

We hope you enjoying watching these videos. Do check back with us to see more as we share one a day throughout the 40 days of Lent.

Bible Through Lent

As well as the Learning Through Lent videos we are also sharing another video each day for you to watch here – as we journey through the whole Bible, focusing on a different Bible character each day.

Day 11 – with Marina
Day 10 – God’s kindness and compassion extends to the smallest of creatures – with Nancy
Day 9 – with Jacob and Rachel
Day 8 – with Nigel
Day 7 – with Roz, Nessis and Niamh
Day 6 – with Paul
Day 5 – with Susie
Day 4 – with Alan
Day 3 – A beautiful video and Bible reading of Matthew 6: 25-27 with Jean and Rupert
Day 2 – with Jeffrey and Ruth
Day 1 – Ash Wednesday with Jane
Shrove Tuesday with Stewart – link to prayer prompt
Day 9 – Numbers 16 – Rebellion against Moses and Aaron
Day 8 – Exodus 32 – The Children of Isreal
Day 7 – Exodus 13 – Moses
Day 6 – Exodus 11 – Pharaoh
Day 5 – Exodus 2 – Moses
Day 4 – Genesis 39 – Joseph
Day 3 – Genesis 28 – Jacob
Day 2 – Genesis 14 – Melchizedek
Day 1 – Genesis 12 – Abram

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Lent Video Project. We encourage you to continue sending in videos.

Follow the link for more information about how to get involved with the Lent Video Project .