We are excited to announce that we are now open and welcoming back our Church family.   There are still restrictions and Covid measures needing to be taken, but this is a move in the right direction! 

The 9am congregation will be alternating each week between a live congregation and a Zoom catch up meeting.

As well as continuing our livestream of the 10.45 service, we are hosting a small congregation ongoing every Sunday at 10.45 in the Kings room. 

Our Sunday-In-The-Warehouse service is back meeting in person once a fortnight.   

The 6pm service is reconnecting in person every 2 weeks. 

And our Wycliffe Kidz and Youth Sunday Groups are now running fortnightly.

We will be issuing tickets for all our in-person services and Kidz and Youth groups, as numbers will be limited during this period of transition.  More details of our services and booking procedures can be found on our Sunday page.


The Church office will remain open.

We are here. Answering the phone, emails etc. and answering the door (carefully, and to very few people – we have our 2 metre mark down on the carpet). So, if you need our help, get in touch as you usually would. For as long as we are able, we will carry on. The phone will be answered 9 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday.
Those staff who can, are still working from home, and those staff who cannot are carrying on with routine building maintenance & cleaning, and with practical assistance that people may need.


Our communication platforms remain electronic, mainly in the form of our weekly newsletter ‘Wycliffe Weekly’ and via our social media platforms.  If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  There are a number of playlists on our YouTube channel that we invite you to subscribe to.

We will continue to communicate via post for those not digitally connected. If you would like to add a name to our postal list, for receiving of a paper copy of our newsletter and a DVD recording of the livestream, please get in touch.


Many LIFE groups will continue and will organise themselves virtually. These local groups are the very best way to support and care for each other. If you are not currently a member of a LIFE group and would like to be hooked up, then get in touch.
If you would like to co-ordinate a new LIFE group during this period, then please get in touch.

More on LIFE Groups can be read on our Bible Study page.


As many of you have done already, if you can offer to deliver shopping, cook a meal, or are prepared to be part of a phone bank and keep in touch with those at high risk, then get in touch. This will be a hard time for some folk, with many weeks of isolation ahead – we must support them. 
For those of you who use Facebook then look for the ACTS 4:32 page (it’s a private group but please request to join) – this has been used very effectively for a long time to match needs with practical help. 


Most of you will be aware of Foodshare, which runs on a regular basis from Church across certain weekday evenings.  This will remain open for as long as we are able.
Foodshare will be at 8pm Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday.
It is worth reminding you all in these difficult times that Foodshare is for absolutely anybody, whether from Church or community. There are no entry requirements of any sort.  


We want to offer prayer to as many people as want it, both in our Church and for those in our community. People are worried and anxious, but we have God’s glorious hope and we can share that with those who have not yet seen it.
If you would be prepared to pray and chat with someone over the phone, then do let us know. 

As the Wycliffe Prayer Team won’t be at Church in person for some time, they invite you to email any prayer requests to:

Please note, only those on the current prayer team will see your request. You might also like to request a prayer by completing our Prayer Card

We also hold prayer sessions throughout the week on Zoom. Invitations to join our weekly prayer meetings are sent out in the Wycliffe Weekly.

In His service,

Wycliffe Baptist Church Elders & Staff