In one week life has completely changed for all of us.

I’m sure you, like me, will have done things this week that you have never done before and never thought you would do. This has been scary at times but it also frees us up to do things differently as well. 

This week I have been creating some resources to help families to access the service theme tomorrow and I hope families will find them useful. This has been sent to everyone in the church because I also believe they could be helpful to anyone who might like to explore some creative and new ways to worship at this time. Check out the document below!

We would love to hear how you get on and what you do in your house this Sunday so that we can share some of them and encourage each other.

This week is our first attempt. I am sure that over the coming weeks we will learn and develop what we can do and how we can share what God is saying to us at this time.

Enjoy your creative worship!

Alison Pirouet
Under 8s and families’ worker
Wycliffe Baptist Church
Transforming lives through Jesus Christ’s love