We hold a variety of different courses throughout the year. These will be advertised in our Friday newsletter ‘Wycliffe Weekly’ and if you follow us on Social Media, we will also let you know when courses are running.


The Alpha Course is the perfect opportunity to explore life and the Christian Faith in a friendly, open and non-judgmental environment.

If you are asking yourself questions…

Why am I here?

Is this really it?

Is there more to life than this? Then Try Alpha.


Starts Friday, 1st October at 7.30pm

At Wycliffe Church

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0797 2359 629

Alpha Film Series

The Prayer Course

An eight week journey that will help you to grow and deepen your prayer life.

Online Classes

Our leaders are not currently running the Prayer Course at this time, however if you are interested in this course, you might like to take a look at the sessions in more detail at

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Prayer Course Series

8 sessions focusing on a specific aspect of prayer. Unpacking the importance and significance of prayer, enjoying God’s presence, how to pray and spitual warfare.

We also recommend How to Pray by Pete Greig. This is a companion resource which follows the Prayer Course framework and contains insightful stories, recommended reading and resources, and full notation of all Scripture and resources.

Freedom in Christ

A discipleship course – 10 weeks of Truth, Turning and Transformation.

TRUTH – Flexible teaching sessions revealing the truth of who we are in Christ and the reality of the spiritual battle, with Pause for Thought times

TURNING -The Steps To Freedom In Christ forms the ministry component of the course, helping us turn to Jesus through a “spiritual MOT”

TRANSFORMATION -The final key is “Stronghold-busting” – being transformed by the renewal of our minds, demolishing arguments set up against God.


Our leaders are not currently running the Freedom in Christ Course at this time, however if you are interested in this course, you might like to take a look at the course overview and the course samples.

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Freedom in Christ Series

Why believe the Bible? Who am I? Choosing to believe the truth. The Battle for our minds. Our daily choice. Handling emotions well. Forgiving from the heart. Renewing the mind. Relating to others. What next?

Preaching and More

This course is about preaching. Actually, it’s about much more than preaching. It’s about hearing the word of
God and passing it on to others.
One of the great things about our Christian faith is that we believe God has spoken to us in His word. We have
the privilege and responsibility of passing that on. For some, it’s through incidental chats with our friends at
work. For some it’s writing letters or posts on social media. For others it’s leading small groups. For some it’s
preaching the word to a Church congregation. It’s evangelism. It’s discipleship. It’s life changing ministry.

There will be opportunities for everyone attending to try to develop their gifts in some way … both as part of
the course and elsewhere.


Our leaders are not currently running the Preaching and More Course at this time.

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Preaching and More Series

There are many ways for us to pass on the word; we all have a responsibility to do it, but we are gifted and
called in different ways. So in the 8 week course we’ll look again at what God has said to us in his word. We’ll
consider our motivation for sharing the word. We’ll examine our gifts, and see how God has called and
equipped us. And then we’ll see how we can develop those gifts to serve God better.

Care for the Family

We also encourage you to look at Care for the family courses. They have a wide range of courses to support you through different stages of your family life.

Check out their free online events and popular courses for Parents, Couples and Faith in the Family.