What is God Like?

“Do I believe in God? That’s an important question to answer.
But just as important is what is the God like that I believe in?
And how do I know what God is like?
Have I invented a God that suits me, without the difficult bits?
How do I find out what the real God is really like?
That’s who I really want to believe in.”

Come to Sunday in The Warehouse at 10.30am and find out what God is like. You’ll be amazed.

The “What is God like” series runs 3rd Nov to 1st Dec.

3 November – God is alive
10 November – God is one in three
17 November – God is holy
24 November – God is love
1 December – God is with us

Come to The Warehouse at 10.30am for tea and coffee, followed by an informal presentation
of the topic for the day, with audience participation, music and singing, and opportunity to
pray and encounter God. Enjoy tea and coffee and chat to finish the morning at 12.15pm.