Sunday Evening Programme

The Love Revolutionary

Change Yourself – Change the World

6.30pm Service

5 Jan
Living for God in God’s World

12 Jan
Following the Love Revolutionary – Baptism
Mark 1 – “Come follow me”

19 Jan 
The Love Revolution Begins
Mark 1:32-39 – ‘The people gathered to him.’

26 Jan 
An Easy Step to Perfection
Mark 2:1-17 – ‘Who can forgive sins but God alone?’

2 Feb 
Revolution Means Radical Change
Mark 2:18-3:6 – ‘New wine in new wineskins’

9 Feb 
Special Service

16 Feb
The Greatest Family in the World
Mark 3:7-35 – ‘These are my mother and brothers’

23 Feb 
Spreading the Revolution
Mark 4:1-33 – ‘Some seed fell on good soil’

2 Mar 
Use Jesus’ Power Now!
Mark 4:35-41 – ‘Who is this that even the wind and waves obey him?’ Baptism

9 Mar 
How to Cast Out Demons
Mark 5:1-20 – ‘Come out of this man!’ – Guest Speaker: Clive Burnard

16 Mar 
You Have the Power to Heal
Mark 5:21-43 and Mark 3:7-35 – ‘Your faith has healed you’

23 Mar 
Special Service

30 Mar 
***ff Happens
Mark 6:1-29 – ‘They took offence at him.’ Baptism

6 Apr 
Everyone’s Hungry: Feed the Need
Mark 6:30-43 – ”Give them something to eat.’

13 Apr 
Palm Sunday Service

18 Apr 
Good Friday Services
Times to be confirmed

20 Apr 
The Love Revolutionary Triumphs
Easter Sunday