Forty five people across all but 2 generations (youth and 89+) made some great contributions to a day to explore research findings about what enables our faith to stick throughout our lives.

Some of the interesting outcomes were:

– we need to make time for ‘real’ and meaningful communication with those on the ‘edge’, and those in our families

– Stop assuming that those (all ages) that we see at church each week actually have a deep faith/discipleship that will see them through the tough times

– Dads are key people of influence

– Don’t be overwhelmed by the need to be intentional (with others) at the expense of being ‘attentional’ to your heavenly father

– Invite younger generations into whole church discussions

– Don’t leave out the older generations

– Face the challenge of building a web/wall of ‘sticky’ relationships – do you have this?

– Children value being treated with respect and interestand being entrusted with responsibility

– Don’t forget to give thanks at home for answers to prayer

– Having access to parents who are the other side of parenting teens are a great resource to younger parents


Jacky Storey illustrated the part of others’ lives we can’t reach – the spiritual centre – like the hole in a Polo mint. We seek to surround and support our children and young people with the people and things that help build a strong and resilient faith (the whilte mint) but the the centre is the sole domain of the individual and their own encounter with Almighty God.

Full notes are available on request.

Jane and Martin